Instructions for Transfer Hotel Services

Passengers Qualifying for Free Overnight Accommodations:
Passengers who purchase Air China international air tickets connecting to a third country on a non-stop Air China international flight who must make an over-night stop in Beijing as a result of scheduled flight times, may qualify for free overnight accommodations.

Services Offered:

A free overnight stay in a transfer hotel will be provided for eligible transfer passengers who are connecting on an Air China international or regional flight in Beijing to a third country. Partner hotels will provide transportation to and from the airport, overnight lodging, breakfast and other services.


Qualifying Routes:

Qualifying transfer conditions: overnight transfer passengers who are connecting in Beijing within 24 hours from an Air China international or regional flight to another Air China international or regional flight. Unaccompanied minors are not eligible for this offer.



Passengers who qualify must book a ticket and contact the Air China local office to reserve the transfer accommodation service before 20:00 two days prior to the departure of the first connecting flight.  




1. To qualify for these services, passengers must book the tickets before 20:00 two days prior to the departure of the first connecting flight and contact Air China¡¯s local office for reservations of the transfer accommodation services.

2. Children can enjoy the same services as adult passengers; infant passengers enjoy the services free with accompanying adult passengers.

3. A passenger who travels alone can enjoy a single-bed guestroom. We will make every effort to allow every two passengers from a family or passengers of the same gender to share a two-bed guestroom or a triple room.

4. In general, group (more than 10 people) passengers can enjoy two-bed guestrooms and every two passengers of the same gender or passengers from a family can share a two-bed guestroom; remaining single passenger (if any) will have a single guestroom or share a triple room two other passengers. 

5. The ticket application conditions and relevant policies are the same as for corresponding connected flight products. If a passenger has already taken a flight to Beijing and enjoyed the services offered with the ticket, and makes a request for a refund of their ticket for the flight segment starting from Beijing, Air China will charge a refund fee for the connecting flight ticket in addition to a RMB 300 transit service fee.

6. This product is not subject to a rescheduling fee. In case of a flight being rescheduled, passengers must re-book their hotel.

7. This service is not subject to a booking cancellation fee.

8. Air China books transfer services for passengers only for the purpose of facilitating them to transfer accommodations. Air China assumes no liability for any problems that arise during the period of service provision by hotel suppliers.

 9. Air China offices reserve the right for final interpretation of this service.







Suppliers and Service offerings:

1. Partner hotels and service offerings

Hotel Name

Short Name


Room type

Free infant bed

Haoya Business Hotel



One-bed, two-bed guestrooms


Jinhanxiang International Hotel



One-bed, two-bed, and three-bed guestrooms


Beijing Aulympic Airport hotel



Two-bed standard guestroom/ king bed guestroom


Golden Phoenix Hotel

Golden Phoenix


One-bed and two-bed guestrooms


The partner hotel provides transfer passengers with free accommodation, breakfast, transport between the airport and the hotel, and assumes full responsibility for all services it provides.

* Changes of the partner hotels will not be notified separately. Please contact Air China branch for more detailed information when you place the reservation.


2. Air China¡¯s Transfer Service Counter

Air China¡¯s Transfer Service Counter is opposite Exit B at level 2, T3. Our staff will arrange transportation to your hotel after checking your ID certificate, boarding pass and reservation information.


To get there, please follow the ¡°Arrival¡± sign and exit the baggage claim lobby through Exit B (International/Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan passenger exit). Go to Air China¡¯s Transfer Service Counter opposite Exit B, and present your ID certificate and complete the necessary procedures for hotel check-in.

Note: International to International passengers can only go through the ¡°Lane for D/P only¡± to complete ¡°China Immigration Inspection¡±.



3. Service for Night Flights

If you have booked a transfer hotel and arrive in Beijing after 02: 00 am, the Air China counter will be closed. Please contact Air China¡¯s sales service hotline according to the instructions on the bulletin board at the counter. Air China will arrange the transfer to the hotel and will pick you up from the airport.


4. Working Hours of Transfer Service Counter: 09:00 am ¨C 02:00 am