Instructions regarding transfer lounge services


Valid period:
This offer is valid through December 31, 2013.


Instructions regarding transfer lounge services


Service Offering:Time-based rest services are offered to International to International connecting flight passengers within the International Departure Quarantine zone of Beijing Capital International Airport. Services include a bed room for up to 4 hours, unlimited lobby access, shower, snacks, beverages, internet access and TV.




These services apply to Air Chinas International to International flight passengers who are connecting within 24 hours in Beijing on international flights without a domestic segment (see Attachment 1) with at least 4 hours waiting time. With a published ticket fare and ticket fare designated by Air China excluding infant ticket fare (infants may enjoy free services as adult passengers accompanying them).

This service is not available to passengers who are connecting within 24 hours in Beijing on international flights with a domestic segment.


Service Voucher:

You must book your ticket and contact the Air China local Office before 12:00 two days prior to the departure of the first connecting flight in order to obtain you transit service voucher.



1. Passengers may present a voucher called the Transfer Service Certificate to enjoy these services. Every passenger will be provided with one voucher. Passengers should present their boarding pass and voucher in order to make use of the services. If passengers lose their vouchers, they will not be granted access to enjoy these services.

2. The voucher is valid once and is not refundable. If a passenger takes a trip without obtaining the service, the voucher becomes invalid.

3. This product cannot be rescheduled on its own except for any changes caused by ticket rescheduling.

4.  The ticket application conditions and relevant policies are the same as for corresponding connected flight products.

5.  Air China provides the voucher to passengers only for the purpose of facilitating the transfer accommodation and assumes no liability for any problems that arise during the period of service provision by hotel suppliers.



Supplier and Service Offerings

1. Supplier: Capital Airport Hotel T3 Store

2. Location: Opposite E10 boarding gate, level 2 (international departure level), T3

3. Telephone: 64532620

4. Free services based on voucher: bedroom for up to 4 hours, unlimited lobby access, shower, snacks, beverages, Internet access, TV.

5. Optional services: bedroom for more than 4 hours, conference room, massage, hairdressing, buffet, and wine are payable by passengers. Excluding buffet and wine, other services are charged at 20% discount.

6. Responsibilities: the supplier is required to remind passengers to board their flights on time; the supplier assumes full responsibilities for the service it provides.

7. Air China offices reserve the right for final interpretation for this service.


Tips: You must make payment at the reception desk in order to enjoy the discount for paid services and receive an invoice. If you pay in a foreign currency, you may be asked to pay a surcharge (charged by the bank for exchange of small amount of foreign currency) in addition to the fee, based on the exchange rate. You may also exchange RMB at the foreign currency exchange counter within the quarantine zone. The supplier will confirm all payment required for paid services and acceptable currency types before providing services.


Attachment 1: Ineligible international flights with domestic segment starting from Beijing



Destination region





Beijing- Dalian- Fukuoka



Beijing- Dalian- Hiroshima]



Beijing- Shanghai Pudong- Sendai



Beijing- Dalian- Sendai

Asia Pacific


Beijing- Shanghai Pudong- Sydney



Beijing- Shanghai Pudong- Melbourne



Beijing- Xiamen- Singapore



Beijing- Kunming- Yangon



Beijing- Nanning- Ho Chi Minh City



Beijing- Xiamen- Jakarta



Beijing- Chengdu- Karachi