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Pregnant and postpartum women

Pregnant women who travel frequently during the early stage of pregnancy should be cautious about oxygen deprivation at high altitudes and should avoid lifting heavy objects. ?We recommend that you consult your obstetrician before making travel plans. ?

  • Travel instructions

Women who are less than 32 weeks pregnant can travel as regular passengers unless diagnosed by a physician to be unsuitable for carriage.

Women who are between 32 weeks and 35 weeks pregnant, and are known to have had no multiple births or delivery complications, and who wish to take a flight scheduled for at least four weeks before the predicted delivery date, must notify the Air China direct sales office at the time of booking.

For safety reasons, we do not provide air transport services to the following passengers and we suggest you choose another means of transportation for your trip:

(1) Women who are 35 weeks pregnant or more.

(2) Pregnant women whose due date is within 4 weeks of the date of travel.

(3) Pregnant women whose due date is approaching but has not been accurately determined or pregnant women who are known to have had multiple births or who are likely to have delivery complications.

(4) Women who have given birth within seven days of the scheduled flight.

  • Medical clearance requirements

Pregnant and postpartum women who wish to travel must provide a medical clearance statement issued by a county level, Grade A, Class 2 or higher level hospital when purchasing a ticket. ?The medical clearance statement must have been issued no more than seven days before the earliest departure date (exclusive of the day of departure).

  • In-flight Services

Please fasten your seatbelt low and tight across your lap