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Move Under One Roof

Star Alliance has introduced the "Move Under One Roof" concept, where all member airlines come together in one terminal, and share the use of airport facilities, such as check-in areas, baggage service facilities, connect flight service desks, lounges, office areas and more. In addition, products and services, such as signs in the airport and automated check-in facilities as well as high level baggage connection services and high end frequent flyer passengers services, will be the same everywhere. This has reduced transfer times and operation costs, increased profit, and improved product services. Presently, Star Alliance has implemented the project to 19 hub airports around the world.

Beijing International airport's "Move Under One Roof" project is the first project in its "together with Air China, connect to the Chinese aviation market" alliance project. Since the use of Beijing International airport terminal 3, all Star Alliance member airlines will all be operating under "Move Under One Roof". With the help of the local member airline, sharing of flight information between the airlines, appropriate arrangement of seats, shared lounge and customer service facilities and others, operation costs would be cut down dramatically while improving the quality of services.

With the support from CAAC and Beijing International Airport, Air China, through the implementation of "Moving Under One Roof", would be able to position itself ahead of the industry in providing check-in services, basic IT facilities, lounge service products, connection services and project implementation strategies. And for Air China passengers, the process of connection to the next Star Alliance member airline would be cut in half.