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General regulations

Special Services

If you would like to request any special passenger services, please inform the Air China local business department to obtain permission. If you fail to inform Air China while purchasing a ticket or reserving a seat, there is no guarantee that the necessary services or assistance could be provided. For safety reasons, if Air China is not notified of a passenger¡¯s special needs or illness, Air China has the right to refuse a passenger during the check-in process even if a ticket was purchased in advance.

Medical Certificates

In general, a mild illness will not prevent a passenger from traveling. However, when flying at an altitude of 5000 ¨C 7000 ft., we suggest you carry on board any necessary medicine according to your doctor¡¯s advice. If for any reason we feel you are not well enough to travel, we may require that you present a medical certificate for your own safety and health.

The medical certificate requirements are:

1. It should be issued by a professional medical institution approved by Air China.

2. It should be issued by a qualified doctor if the certificate is issued by local medical authorities.

3. It should clearly indicate that you are safe to travel for the duration of the flight.

4. If the illness is serious, the certificate should be signed within 48 hours before flight departure.

Other costs

In general, special services provided by Air China will be paid for by Air China, such as wheelchair service, etc. Other costs that are required such as ambulances, doctors, etc., are the responsibility of the passenger to pay.