Air China will resume some scheduled flights to Europe as of 21st April 2010
Air China will resume some scheduled flights to Europe as of April 21, 2010.  For up-to-date information, please check our website  Air China will continue to monitor the situation in Europe and keep in close contact with the relevant Aviation Authorities as well as our local European offices.  Updates will be announced in case of any changes in weather and flying conditions.

Date Flight No. From To Departure
21-Apr CA933 Beijing Paris 13:35
21-Apr CA934 Paris Beijing 20:20
21-Apr CA939 Beijing Rome 13:40
21-Apr CA940 Rome Beijing 20:55
21-Apr CA909 Beijing Moscow 13:45
21-Apr CA910 Moscow Beijing 19:45
21-Apr CA961 Beijing Munich 13:55
21-Apr CA962 Munich Beijing 20:15
21-Apr CA931 Beijing Frankfurt 14:00
21-Apr CA932 Frankfurt Beijing 20:15
21-Apr CA935 Shanghai Frankfurt 13:04
21-Apr CA936 Frankfurt Shanghai 19:20
21-Apr CA917 Hailar Chita 11:00
21-Apr CA918 Chita Hailar 15:10
22-Apr CA907 Beijing Madrid 0:05
Madrid Sao Paulo 8:35
22-Apr CA965 Beijing Frankfurt 1:20
22-Apr CA966 Frankfurt Beijing 14:50
22-Apr CA967 Shanghai Milan 1:30
22-Apr CA968 Milan Shanghai 12:30
22-Apr CA931 Beijing Frankfurt 14:00
22-Apr CA932 Frankfurt Beijing 20:15
22-Apr CA933 Shanghai Beijing 9:25
Beijing Paris 13:35
22-Apr CA934 Paris Beijing 20:20
Beijing Shanghai 13:55
22-Apr CA935 Shanghai Frankfurt 10:50
22-Apr CA936 Frankfurt Shanghai 19:20
22-Apr CA937 Beijing London 13:30
22-Apr CA938 London Beijing 20:25
22-Apr CA939 Beijing Rome 13:40
22-Apr CA940 Rome Beijing 20:55
22-Apr CA909 Beijing Moscow 13:45
22-Apr CA910 Moscow Beijing 19:45
22-Apr CA911 Beijing Stockholm 13:50
22-Apr CA912 Stockholm Beijing 19:10