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Purchasing Methods

If you choose to fly on Air China, you can purchase electronic tickets or paper tickets using the following methods:

  • Purchase tickets online on our website and pay with a credit card
  • Purchase tickets at the local offices of Air China
  • Purchase tickets through sales agents or other websites authorized by Air China

General Regulations

The ticket is only valid for the passenger whose name appears on the ticket. Tickets are not transferable and cannot be altered. Any transferred or altered tickets will be void.

If you are flying on more than one segment, the segments must be used in the sequence that is on the ticket. If you do not use the first segment of a multiple-segment trip, all other segments will be invalid and not accepted by Air China.

"Normal fare" refers to the highest fare of first class, business class and economy class within the applicable period.
"Special fare" refers to all other fares that are not considered normal fares.
The ticket fare refers to the air transport from the origin airport to the destination airport. It does not include any ground transportation between the airport and the city. Any taxes or service charges charged by the government, airport or other related authorities are not part of the applicable fare. These taxes and service charges are paid by the passenger.

Children between the ages of 2-12 years old can travel using the Children Fare which is regulated by Air China. Infants under the age of 2 years old can travel at a 90% discount of the published fare of first class, business class or economy class but will not have their own seat assignment.

Validity Period of Ticket

Normal fare tickets that are either one-way, roundtrip or multiple segments are valid for one year. The validity period of special tickets are calculated according to related regulations.

The validity period of an open ticket (non-scheduled flight) is calculated from 00:00 (zero hour) of the day after the date of the ticket issuance. The validity period of a fixed time ticket (scheduled flight) is calculated from the date after the commencement of travel. For all unused tickets, the validity period is one year from the date of issuance.

Rebook and Refund

If you would like to change the flight route, the date of the flight or the class of service, please contact Air China as soon as possible. Changes will be made depending on the type of ticket that was purchased and the seat availability. According to ticket regulations, you may be required to pay an additional fee for any ticket changes.

If you would like to request a refund it will be handled according to the type of ticket that was purchased. Refunds can only be processed within the validity period of the ticket either at the original place of purchase or an alternative place agreed upon by Air China. For electronic ticket purchases, refunds will be processed through your local reservations office.

If you have any questions regarding a change or cancellation of a ticket, please call your local Air China reservation office.