Air China Limited General Conditions of International Carriage for Passenger and Baggage
£®Effective December 1, 2007£©
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Article 4 - Fares, Taxes, Fees and Charges

4.1 Fares

Fares apply only for carriage from the airport at the point of origin to the airport at the point of destination, unless otherwise expressly stated. Fares do not include ground transport service between airports or between airports and town terminals. Your fare will be calculated in accordance with our Tariff in effect on the date of payment of your ticket for travel on the specific dates and itinerary shown on the Ticket. Should you change your itinerary or dates of travel, this may affect the fare required to be paid.

4.2 Taxes, Fees and Charges

Applicable taxes, fees and charges imposed by government or other authorities, or by the operator of an airport, shall be payable by you. At the time you purchase your Ticket, you will be advised of taxes, fees and charges not included in the fare, most of which will normally be shown separately on the Ticket. The taxes, fees and charges imposed on air travel are constantly changing and can be imposed after the date of Ticket issuance. If there is an increase in the applicable tax, fee or charge shown on the Ticket, you will be obliged to pay it. Likewise, if a new tax, fee or charge is imposed after Ticket issuance, you will be obliged to pay it. In the event any taxes, fees or charges which you have paid to us at the time of Ticket issuance are eliminated or reduced, such that they no longer apply to you, or a lesser amount is due, you may be entitled to a refund of any such taxes, fees or charges as have been eliminated or reduced.

4.3 Currency

Fares, taxes, fees and charges are payable in the currency of the country in which the Ticket is issued, unless another currency is indicated by us or our Authorized Agent, at or before the time payment is made. We may at our discretion, accept payment in another currency due to, for example, the non-convertibility of local currency .