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Special meals
Healthy meals

Fruit platter 每 FPLM

The FPLM meal is a fruit only meal that includes fresh fruit, sugared fruit, and fruit compote or fruit desserts. Only seasonal fruits will be offered.

Liquid diet

Liquid only meals usually include milk, juice, coffee, tea, custards, or rice congee.

Low Calorie Meal 每 LCML

LCML meals contain lean meat, low-fat dairy products and high fiber foods. They do not contain fried foods, pickled products, preserved products, pates, sauces, desserts, butter or dairy products. No oil or sugar is used as flavoring.

Low Sodium Meal 每 LSML

LSML meals do not contain salt, garlic salt, glutamine, soda, baking powder, canned meat and fish, creams, cheese, pickles, shellfish, seafood, mashed potatoes, meat extracts, chicken powder, breads, canned vegetables, or raw materials high in sodium. These are prepared for passengers suffering from hypertension, urine retention and nephropathy.

No Lactose Meal 每 NLML

NLML meals do not contain lactose, dairy or lactose/dairy related products. They do not contain cheese, dairy, yogurt, butter, artificial meat products, cake, cookies, juice, batter, desserts, pudding, mashed potatoes, toffee, chocolate or cream.

High Fiber Meal 每 HFML

HFML meals contain high fiber foods such as nuts, vegetables, fruits, cereal and high-fiber corn bread.

Gluten Free Meal 每 GFML

GFML meals are prepared for passengers who are gluten intolerant. They do not contain wheat, rye, barley, oat, sauces, breads, cakes, cookies, desserts, soups, intestines, farina, meat extracts or chicken powder.

Low Protein Meal 每 LPML

LPML meals contain little protein. They do not contain salt or foods high in salt, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, breads, potatoes, rice, farina, milk, cheese or yogurt.

Bland Meal 每 BLML

BLML meals include low fiber foods. They do not contain fried foods, black pepper, fibrous plants, mustard, pickles, garlic, nuts, caffeine or alcohol. These meals are suitable for passengers suffering from intestinal problems.

Diabetic Meal 每 DBML

DBML meals are prepared for diabetic passengers. They contain sufficient carbohydrates, and high fiber, low fat - low caloric food items. They do not contain sugar, syrups, jams, cakes, chocolate, dessert, pudding, or fried products.

Low Fat Meal 每 LFML

LFML meals contain sufficient carbohydrates and high fiber - low fat, low cholesterol and unsaturated fat food items. They do not contain beef, fried foods, animal fats, egg yolk, cream, dairy products, shellfish, cream cheese, nuts or intestines.


Note: All special meal requests require a minimum 24 hour notice prior to flight departure. (Except: Kosher meals require 48 hour notice prior to departure.)