Corporate Culture
Air China Logo

The Phoenix is a beautiful and lucky magic bird. In the legend, Tian Lao, who was the prominent official of Huang Di, described the phoenix like this: the front of the phoenix looks like a martial kylin and the back of phoenix looks like a galloping deer; its neck is like a snake, tail like a fish, chin like a swallow, beak like a chicken and back like a tortoise with stripes like ones on dragons which are colorful when looking from afar. The hometown of the phoenix is the country belonging to the orient men of honor who are famous for humanity and virtue. The beautiful phoenix flies over towering Kun Lun Mountain and hovers around the whole world. The phoenix drinks water from the bottom of the mountain and washes its feathers in swallow water. It resides in steep and cold mountains. Wherever this magic bird appears, there will be happiness and peace. When the phoenix flies in the sky, thousands of birds will follow.

We chose the phoenix as our navigation badge and hope this magic creature and the beautiful legend will bring our friends luck and happiness.