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Baggage information
General regulations for checked baggage
Definition of checked baggage
Checked baggage refers to the baggage delivered by a passenger to Air China for custody and transportation and with an ID tag attached.

Checked baggage allowance
The weight of each piece of checked baggage shall not be less than 2 kg.
The maximum weight of each piece of checked baggage shall not exceed 45kg. On all international flights, the weight of each piece of checked baggage normally shall not exceed 32kg, and the baggage weighing between 32kg and 45kg shall meet the relevant requirements of the landing airport and onward carrier.
The total linear dimensions of each piece of checked baggage shall not exceed 203cm and not be less than 60 cm.
Baggage exceeding the free checked baggage allowance may be carried as checked baggage after the excess baggage charge is paid; baggage exceeding the weight or dimension limit cannot be carried as checked baggage, but cargo.

Packing of checked baggage
The checked baggage should be properly packed and secured to ensure that it is able to sustain certain pressure, and can be unloaded and transported safely under normal operational conditions. The packing of checked baggage should also meet the following requirements:
  • Suitcases, travel bags and handbags shall be properly locked to avoid theft.
  • Two or more luggage bags shall not be packed into one piece of baggage.
  • Extra items shall not be packed in the checked luggage bag.
  • The baggage shall not be wrapped by a bamboo crate, mesh bag, rope, straw bag or plastic bag.
  • The name, address and telephone number of the passenger shall be labeled inside and outside of the luggage bag.

Items prohibited from carriage as or in checked baggage
Items which are reasonably considered by us to be unsuitable for carriage because they are dangerous, unsafe, or by reason of their weight, size, shape or character, or which are fragile or perishable having regard to, among other things, the type of aircraft being used and lithium battery.

Items not suggested for Checked Baggage
Cash, checks, jewelry, precious metals and derived products, curios, paintings and calligraphic works, computers, personal electronic devices, samples, or other valuables, important documents, identification documents and prescribed medicine to be taken regularly.

Transport regulations on lithium battery contained in passengers' baggage
In accordance with ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (Version 2011-2012), passengers or crew members shall bring their personal-use portable electronic devices containing lithium or lithium ion battery cell or battery, including watches, calculators, cameras, mobile phones, laptops and portable video cameras, etc., as carry-on baggage to board the aircraft, and the lithium content of the lithium metal battery shall not exceed 2g and the nominal capacity of the lithium ion battery shall not exceed 100 watt-hours. Lithium ion battery with a rating between 100 watt-hours and 160 watt-hours may be installed in the devices contained in the checked baggage or carry-on baggage if approved by the carrier in advance. Lithium batteries with a rating exceeding 160 watt-hours are prohibited from carriage.
Spare batteries for portable electronic devices shall be protected individually to prevent short circuit (place into their original retail packages or insulate electrodes using other means, for example sealing the exposed electrodes with adhesive tape, or placing each battery into a plastic bag or protective box), and shall be carried only in carry-on baggage. Passengers and crew members are allowed to carry up to two spare batteries with a rating of 100Wh to160Wh as approved by the carrier.

Items deemed as baggage with total linear dimension not exceeding 158 cm (62 in.) include the following:
? sleeping bags or bedding rolls
? canvas backpacks and other back bags
? snowboard or ski devices: a ski bag containing a pair of skis/ a snowboard and ski poles, a shoe bag containing a pair of ski boots.
? golf gear: a golf bag containing golf clubs and a pair of golf shoes.
? barrel-shaped bags or 22-shaped bags
? bicycles: non-motorized, single-seat travel bicycles or racing bicycles, properly packed, with handlebars rotated to the sides and pedals removed.
? standard water ski boards, wakeboards or a pair of standard water skis
? fishing gear: properly packed, containing no more than two sets of fishing poles, a fishing reel, a fishing net, a pair of fishing boots and a tackle box
? guns for shooting competition: a rifle box containing no more than two rifles, no more than 5 kg (11 lb.) of gunpowder, a shooting mat, a silencer and a small rifle tool, or two shotguns and two shotgun cases, or a rifle box containing less than 5 pistols, 5 kg (11 lb.) of gunpowder, a silencer, a pistol telescope, and a small pistol tool. The acceptability of such firearms depends on the specific conditions of the carrier.
? musical instruments of length no more than 100 cm (39 in.)