Special Ticketing Services for Passengers Affected by Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

Dear Passengers:

Due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, Air China has cancelled certain flights to Central Europe. If you hold flight tickets on European routes operated by Air China and relevant connecting flights for travel from May 9, 2010 to May 20, 2010 and the flight has been cancelled due to the volcanic eruption, Air China will provide reschedule, refund and reroute services as follows:

  1. Trip cancellation or refund
    If you request a refund within the validity period of your tickets, we will offer you refund services free of charge.

  2. Re-book or reroute
    Please make specific requests to Air China for rebooking or rerouting within the validity period of your tickets.
  • Please arrange the departure date of your rescheduled ticket before June 19, 2010. We will re-book and reroute your flights according to our flight seating resources. Because many passengers have been delayed and our flight seating resources are limited, we appreciate your kind understanding if the rearranged schedule is slightly delayed.

  • For passengers who require re-booking services, if you are holding tickets for flights carried entirely by Air China, we will re-book for you free of charge. If you are holding tickets for flights jointly carried by Air China and other airlines, we will coordinate with other airlines to reschedule the flights to best suit your needs.

  • For passengers who need rerouting, please refer to Air China destinations on European routes (European cities with current Air China connections: Frankfurt, Paris, Munich, London, Stockholm, Rome, Milan, Moscow, Madrid, Yekaterinburg) before drafting your travel plans. Air China will reroute you free of charge.

  • If you hold mileage award tickets, and need re-booking and rerouting, Air China will recalculate air mileage before necessary procedures are completed.

  • If you hold Air China domestic-international interline tickets and the domestic leg has been used, the domestic economy class tickets will be charged RMB 300, and domestic first / business class tickets will be charged 50% of the published fare. The remaining will be fully refunded.

For more details, please visit the Air China website www.airchina.com or call the Air China Global Services Hotline 4008100999.