Air China Launches Mumbai Flight Service

Passion for India ¨C Love for China    Air China sets up another air bridge of friendship - Celebrating the successful launch of the Mumbai route

Air China Launches Mumbai Flight Service

Air China flies over the Himalayas to reach out to India, creating a new chapter in Sino-Indian aviation history.

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With a huge roar, Air China, the ¡°fiery Phoenix¡±, flies through the salutatory water arc in the evening sky, lighting up the Mumbai airport like a flash of lightning.  After five thousand years of history, the Phoenix lands for the first time in Mumbai!  Air China¡¯s inaugural flight to Mumbai officially landed on May 2 after a successful journey!


Local envoys, supporting organizations and all the staff of Air China¡¯s India office held a unique welcoming ceremony to celebrate this special event -- Air China¡¯s inaugural flight to Mumbai. Authorities from the Mumbai airport arranged a simple and solemn inaugural ceremony at the Air China check-in counter in accordance with Indian customs. Mr. Tariq, vice president of Mumbai Airport, delivered a speech to welcome Air China¡¯s first flight to Mumbai and expressed his expectations for the future, hoping that Air China¡¯s India route will enjoy an increasingly flourishing market. The general manager of Air China¡¯s Mumbai office and the captain of the inaugural flight both gave speeches expressing their heartfelt thanks for the strong support Air China¡¯s inaugural flight had experienced from the Indian airport authorities, customs and immigration officials and other parties concerned.  A sacred, ancient candelabrum one meter long was placed in front of the check-in counter, surrounded by a variety of colorful fresh flower garlands, as a sign of homage and supplication for blessings in the traditional Indian way.  The ceremony marks the successful beginning of Air China¡¯s Mumbai route.  The 6 painted candles on the candelabrum were ignited in turn by Mr. Tariq (the vice president of Mumbai airport), Tang Zhongling (general manager of Air China¡¯s Mumbai office), the general manager of ground services, Liu Fengying (terminal manager), and other dignitaries.  When the last candle was lighted, the crowd burst into thunderous applause at the airport.  Everyone hugged and shook hands with each other, passengers also joined into the celebration, conveying their good wishes to Air China ¨C May China and India grow stronger as friends forever.


The inaugural success of the Mumbai route is closely tied to the support and assistance from our longtime as well as valued customers and relevant departments at Air China Headquarters including our domestic leaders, terminal management departments, and commercial committee departments! Thanks so much to everyone! May Air China¡¯s Mumbai flights fly better and higher!  May Air China's fiery-red Phoenix continue to spread its wings over the ancient kingdom of India!


                      Air China Mumbai Sales Office

                                                        On May 2, 2012 in Mumbai