Online reservation instructions and reminders
Reservations :Please pay close attention to "Purchase Condition"

Steps to online ticket purchases

1 Search rates by origin, destination, and departure date

1£© common itinerary search 


2£© muti-city search

Tip: The difference between normal flight search and multi-city search function.

When searching for three or more flight schedules including non-aerial transportation, you may perform searches by selecting ¡°Multiple Routes¡± under the ¡°Reservations¡± menu. In the multi-city function you can freely select the cities you want, especially when your practical itinerary involved non-air segment, we also call this kind of journey surface sector or open-jaw. Besides, reservations for infants or children traveling without adult companions are not possible.

Reminder: We highly recommend that to allow at least 2-3 hours to make a connection between flights in order to prevent an unwanted missing of onward flight.  

Review price and terms
Please double check the departure date and time of the flight you reserved as well as the conditions of the purchase. Pay special attention to ¡°cancellation fees and charges¡±, which details the rules for fees and refunds applicable upon changes of flight dates. Example: Click ¡°Purchase condition¡± to check the fare rules:


When you follow the link you will see the rule items to be listed out, although all of this rules need to be viewed, but here we highly suggest you to view the item of Penalties and surcharges and Minimum and Maximum, because the in the item of Penalties and surcharges show you the rules regarding changing or canceling of air ticket. In the item of Minimum and maximum you can find the maximum permitted stay or the minimum stay at your destination city.

We highly recommend customers to make a copy of what being displayed,in order to check it out at later time.


Tips on how to know your booking class:

Step:One In the following booking flow of price review process.

Splendid double-mileage Award exclusively available for Delhi air route

Step:Two You will see the following Price display table,please click the link of "fare basis infomation".

Splendid double-mileage Award exclusively available for Delhi air route

Step:Three Please focus on the Fare Basis information column listed below,the first starting letter highlighted below would be your *booking class in most cases.

*Important notice:Given the complexity of international airfare world-wide,"this first starting letter" methodology can not always be the universal principle to identify your actual class on which you are flying, for more detail and more reliable class infomation we highly recommend you to contact your local agent near you. 

Splendid double-mileage Award exclusively available for Delhi air route


Tips for completing the form:


All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required fields.



Fields with no asterisk (*) may be left blank. (However, according to provisions of relevant U.S. authorities, for routes from / to the United States, the destination addresses shown below must be filled in completely.)




Entering traveler information
Entering traveler information comprises three steps: 1) Enter the correct name that matches your passport, 2) Enter other passport information (or traveler information), and 3) when travelling in the US, enter your visa information.

Making purchases
Pay with MasterCard, Visa, or other cards which allows foreign transactions. Proceed with the purchase after correctly entering the name of the cardholder and the billing address, complete with the postal code. BC type cards and debit cards cannot be used to make payments currently.

You have the option of using many popular online payment methods. You can select the credit card button to proceed and complete your online payment.

Online reservation instructions and reminders

You can select Master or Visa and proceed to complete your online payment.


Completing reservations and purchases
When your purchase is complete, you will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail containing your reservation number, flight details, and payment details. An e-ticket will be sent to you in a separate e-mail following the automatic ticketing process. If you have not received your e-ticket within two hours, please phone our web support team, and we will attempt to send it to you again.

Example of Email 1  (the screenshot is only part of the whole Email)

Example of Email 2  (the screenshot is only part of the whole Email)

☞ Important reminder for reservations: Ticket prices for web reservations are specially priced and available only on the website. They differ from standard pricing (tickets purchased from travel agents or the airline company) in rules and terms of use.  When applicable, changes can be made to your reservation through Air China¡¯s regional branches. However, it is only allowed for the same booking class as your original reservation code. When no seating is available for the booking class, additional charges may be incurred. we also advise you to carefully read and consider the terms of purchase when making your reservations. Before making a purchase, please check visa requirements for your transit and destination countries and that your flight schedule provides ample transfer time (at least two hours when using Beijing Airport) at your transit airport. Reservations for infants or children traveling without adult companions are not possible.