The PhoenixMiles Junior card is exclusively designed for children in the 2-12 age bracket (12 excluded). Applications for cards should be made online, and they must be connected to the card of the childĄ¯s mother or father. The mileage accrued by a child is always 50% of that of an adult. The mileage can be redeemed for award tickets and award class upgrades, or for stationery or toys in the PhoenixMiles Shopping City. Mileage from the childĄ¯s mother or fathers account can be transferred to the childĄ¯s account.

Status upgrades are not applicable to children. When a child turns 12, he or she automatically becomes a PhoenixMiles member.

All other rules that apply to adults also apply to children.

To apply for the PhoenixMiles Junior Card, please click here.