Air China Announces New Policy for PhoenixMiles Beneficiaries

Our PhoenixMiles program started 15 years ago and it now boasts over 10 million members. Our loyal customers have myriad ways of using their accrued mileage to their benefit. We will now commence the policy of the ˇ°Award Real Name Policy for Mileage Beneficiariesˇ±. According to the new policy, when you use your mileage to request air travel related awards (free ticket, class upgrade, etc), beneficiaries of your mileage may only include you and those you have designated beforehand in a list of beneficiaries.  When you use your mileage to request awards not related to air travel, the above mentioned limitation does not apply.

Please read the following for more details:

  1. Each PhoenixMiles member (including PhoenixMiles Junior members) can designate a maximum of eight beneficiaries. Currently, this can be done only through our website ( Members who designate beneficiaries online for the first time are entitled to a mileage bonus of 500km.

  2. The mileage you transfer cannot be combined with mileage of another member.

  3. If an infant or a child is the beneficiary, the same standards and rules apply as for adults.

  4. Companies or legal person entities cannot be listed as beneficiaries.

  5. As soon as you designate beneficiaries, whether or not the maximum number of beneficiaries allowed is reached, you can use your mileage to request awards for those designated beneficiaries.

  6. If you have designated beneficiaries and add additional beneficiaries at a later date, you will incur a fee of 300km. This charge will apply only one time per day.

  7. When it comes to newly added beneficiaries, your mileage must be used to benefit them within 60 days.

  8. Mileage will not be deducted from your account if you delete a beneficiary from the list.

  9. A beneficiary cannot use your mileage to request an award.  Awards can only be requested by the PhoenixMiles member.

  10. Other rules on requesting awards apply.

July 25, 2009 through December 31, 2009 is the period for our test run. For the duration of this period, the limitations described above do not apply.

The policy will come into effect on January 1, 2010.