Temporary Shutdown of Business(Sendai Branch)

We have suffered a sudden attack of the earthquake in northeast regions and we really care whether you are still safe. Now our Sendai branch are unable in dealing with current undertakings.

We feel very sorry to inform you that we will temporarily shut down our business for a week. The specific agenda is as follows. In addition, the consultancy of takeoff and landing will be handled by the following branches.

We sincerely apologize for bringing you so much inconvenience.

The period of temporary shutdown of our business:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 ¡ª Friday, March 18, 2011

Call Centre£º0120-474-999

Sapporo Branch£º011-233-1688

Tokyo Branch£º03-5251-0840

Osaka Branch£º06-6263-5333

Nagoya Branch£º052-220-1122

Hiroshima Branch£º082-544-8888

Fukuoka Branch£º092-282-5611

China£ºThe service language is Chinese & English                   

Beijing/Shanghai Call Centre£º4008-100-999

Dalian Call Centre£º0411-8480-1161