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Passengers with service dogs

Passengers with vision loss or hearing or speech impairment may be accompanied on board by service dogs specially trained to provide sight or hearing assistance, with our prior approval.

  • Travel instructions

A disabled passenger over the age of 16 may travel alone with a service dog.

Each flight can only accommodate one service dog.

If you wish to travel with a service dog, please make a request to our direct sales office at your first point of departure no later than 48 hours (inclusive) prior to your scheduled flight departure.

Please present the service dogĄ¯s identity document and quarantine clearance documents when you purchase tickets and when you board the aircraft. Please arrive at the check-in counter with your service dog no later than 120 minutes prior to your flightĄ¯s scheduled departure time to complete the check-in procedures.

Please use a muzzle and leash for your service dog when boarding the aircraft.

  • Applicable fares

There is no additional charge for passengers who travel with service dogs. You may enjoy the same special fare offers as regular passengers without any restrictions.

If you choose to transport your service dog as checked baggage, we will transport the service dog and its container and food free of charge according to the pet transportation procedures. The total weight of the service dog, its container and food is not counted as part of your free baggage allowance.

  • In-flight Services

We will try to arrange a window seat for you with more legroom, but seats in the emergency exit rows or upper deck of the B747 aircraft are excluded from this offer. In addition, we will try to hold the adjacent seat for a companion traveler.

If you need assistance, we will:

Help you stow or lift carry-on items;

Help you move in or out of the seat;

Help you get prepared for meals;

Help you go to and from the bathroom.