Rescheduling and Refund Information for Japan Flights (Supplementary Notification)
Dear passengers

Air China is hereby releasing supplementary and updated notification on ticket change and refunds for China-Japan routes, as follows.

1. Qualifying time period

Passengers holding tickets for flights between China and Japan which were issued on or before March 31, 2011 and for travel dates from March 11, 2011 through June 30, 2011 can reschedule their flights or request a ticket refund without incurring a penalty fee.

2. Flight section change

For passengers with tickets on international flight sections operated by Air China, including any one of seven destinations between China and Japan, free flight section change is available (excluding other flight sections connecting destinations). For example, Sendai-Beijing flight may be changed to Tokyo-Beijing flight free of charge on ticket and tax difference.

If flight change is for mileage reward tickets and redeemed mileage and price are equal, passengers may change flight tickets for free without returning mileage.

For flight tickets involving other airline companies, ticket price needs to be recalculated.

Flight section change service is only available in sales departments directly operated by Air China.

3. Extension of ticket validity period

For expired tickets on Air China¡¯s China-Japan routes or aforesaid connecting flight tickets, the validity period may be extended for free up to September 11, 2011 inclusive.