About Cargo

Company Profile Air China Cargo Co., Ltd. (Air China Cargo for short), headquartered in Beijing, is established on December 12, 2003 and held by Air China Limited. At present, it is the only cargo airline company allowed to carry the flag of China.

Air China Cargo has the largest fleet of Boeing 747-400 cargo planes among civil airline companies of China. Till December 2010, the number of its Boeing 747-400 cargo planes had reached 9 and it has the exclusive right of using bellyhold of 280 passenger planes of Air China Limited for cargo transportation.

Its route network has already covered China, extended to Europe, America & the Asian-Pacific region and radiated the whole world. Till December 2010, Air China Cargo had successively launched cargo flights to Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Paris, Milan and Vienna of Europe, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago of USA, Tokyo and Osaka of Japan and Chinese Taipei etc. with Beijing and Shanghai being the hub. Based on the route network of Air China Limited, the number of Air China Cargo routes had reached to near 300, leading to 138 destinations of 29 countries. Meanwhile, Air China Cargo also opened 90 domestic and 588 international truck routes, providing itself with strong domestic and overseas cargo transportation capacity. Air China Cargo has established a global cargo station assurance system covering cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, New York, Osaka and Taipei etc. to provide high-quality services based on logistic resources of Aviation Industry Corporation of China and close cooperation with world key aviation hub cargo stations.

By continuous improvement of product system, Air China Cargo now has 26 kinds of products of 5 categories, i.e. standard, express, mail, exclusive and customer-tailor.

As an aviation transportation enterprise with more than 50 years¡¯ experience in cargo transportation, Air China Cargo has participated in the initiation & preparation of many air cargo transportation standards of Civil Aviation Administration of China and has trained a professional staff team with rich experience and devotion, capable of providing professional and reliable transportation programs for various special cargos. Customer investigation of International Air Transport Association shows that Air China Cargo has topped the list of recommendation-worthy air cargo carriers of China in recent years.

Over the past years, Air China Cargo can always voluntarily fulfill its social commitment and take its social responsibility. It has successfully completed several emergent relief chartered flight tasks in sever disasters such as Pakistan earthquake, the Indian Ocean tsunami, Mexico Influenza A and Chile earthquake etc.. Especially in 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake, Air China Cargo¡¯s chartered flight was the first cargo flight arriving in the affected area and has completed 17 emergent relief tasks. Meanwhile, Air China Cargo adheres to the concept of safe, high-quality & low-carbon operation, environment care and emission reduction and takes actions to accomplish missions and build up future.

With the mission of ¡°creating values for customers, opportunities for employees, gains for shareholders and fortunes for the society¡±, Air China Cargo aims to become the first choice in air cargo transportation of Chinese customers.