Baggage information
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Delayed / Damaged / Lost Baggage

If your bags do not arrive at your destination or they arrive damaged, please report this to the baggage service counter in the terminal and we will make every reasonable effort to help you.

Claims and Lawsuit

Claims on damaged bags must be reported to Air China in writing within 7 days of receiving the checked bag.

Claims on delayed bags must be reported to Air China in writing within 21 days of receiving the checked bags.

Lawsuits must be settled within two years from the date the plane arrived at the destination, should have arrived at the destination, or the date the flight was terminated, otherwise the lawsuit shall be abandoned.

Compensation Standard

Domestic Flights


International Flights

*SDR (Special Drawing Right) refers to the artificial currency unit created by the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND. One (1) SDR represents an equivalent of approximately US $1.37 and the exchange rate may fluctuate.