Purchase tickets online to win multiple mileage awards

To thank PhoenixMiles members for their support, Air China is offering another mileage award program in addition to the 2013 Exclusive Air China Online Purchase Mileage Award Program. Effective immediately, passengers who purchase tickets on designated European routes operated by Air China can earn up to 30% bonus mileage in addition to the flights’ normal mileage awards. Purchase tickets online and earn additional awards.

Promotion Period: 
May 01 to Jun 30, 2013 based on the actual travel dates.

Qualifying Flights: 
Flights operated by Air China with Air China's flight code CA. (Valid for the round trip)

Mileage Award Criteria:

Qualifying Routes Booked Cabins Bonus Mileage Award

How to Participate

Beijing - Dusseldorf / Vancouver / Singapore / Seoul / Hong Kong / 
Business Class (C/D/Z/J)
Economy Class (Y/B/M/H/K/L/Q)
30% of normal accrued miles

Register your PhoenixMiles membership card number before your flight departure to be eligible for the program.   
Please click here to register (Input the phoenix miles card number and click “submit button”)

Beijing - Paris / Frankfurt /
New York / Los Angeles
First Class (F/A/P)
Business Class (C/D/Z/J)
Economy Class (Y/B/M/H/K/L/Q)

* Important tips: Please register online for the promotional program before taking your flight. Your failure to register in the program will be deemed by Air China as your voluntarily waiver of your right to participate in this promotional award program.

During the above period, you can redeem mileage to get a 15% discount on Economy Class, Business Class and First Class tickets on routes from Beijing to Frankfurt/New York/Los Angeles/Vancouver/Singapore

Route Class Redemption Mileage Redemption Discount
Beijing - Frankfurt / New York / Los Angeles / Vancouver /  Singapore First Class: O
Business Class: I
Economy: X
 15% discount

Award Rules:

  1. PhoenixMiles members must register on the PhoenixMiles website before taking their flights in order to participate in this mileage promotion program.
  2. This mileage promotion program only applies to PhoenixMiles members. PhoenixJunior members do not qualify for this promotion.
  3. You can request award tickets through the ticket offices of Air China, Shandong Airlines or Shenzhen Airlines, at the Air China Member Service Center or the PhoenixMiles website.
  4. In addition to standard terms of redemption, tickets redeemed through this promotion cannot be rescheduled, endorsed, refunded or rerouted. 
  5. Mileage promotions and discount redemptions for connecting flights are not included in this offer. 
  6. Air China reserves the right to final interpretation of this promotion program.

Purchase tickets online to win multiple mileage awards