InternationalChinaHong Kong/Taiwan/Macao
InternationalChinaHong Kong/Taiwan/Macao
Trip typeOne-way
(>12 years)
(2 to 11 years)
Class of Service:

1. Air China provides Premium Economy Class seats on the following routes:

»  International routes (bi-directional):

Beijing <-> Moscow; Beijing <-> Delhi; Beijing <-> Singapore; Beijing <-> Dusseldorf; Beijing <-> Stockholm; Beijing <-> Taipei; Beijing <-> Bangkok (Flight CA979/980); Beijing <-> Hong Kong (Flight CA111/112)

»  Domestic routes (bi-directional, available on some flights):

Beijing <-> Shanghai; Beijing <-> Guangzhou; Beijing <-> Shenzhen; Beijing <-> Chongqing; Beijing <-> Hohhot; Beijing <-> Urumqi


2. Special notice:

1)On some connecting routes, Premium Economy Class seats are available only on some segments or on some flights on the route (Example 1: On the route Moscow– Beijing-Qingdao, only the segment between Moscow and Beijing offers Premium Economy Class; Example 2: On the route Bangkok–Beijing, only Flight CA979/980 offers Premium Economy Class);

2) Premium Economy Class may not be available for the entire route (Example 3: On the route Frankfurt - Beijing);

3) Although the route may offer Premium Economy Class seats, all of the seats on the selected flight may have been sold.


»  In these situations, the seat reservation system will assign seats based on the availability of seats on the flight, and will automatically substitute seats in another class for the segments and flights that h ave no Premium Economy Class. When the flight has open seats in Business Class or First Class, the system will automatically assign seats in those classes; if there are no open seats in a premium class, the system will automatically assign Economy Class seats.


Please review your seat assignments carefully during the booking process to confirm which class seat has been assigned for each segment of your trip.