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Special meals
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Non-vegetarian meals

Kosher Meal C KSML

Advance notice of 72 hours is needed for a kosher meal. KSML meals are prepared and served according to Jewish dietary law and all raw materials are purchased from reputable manufacturers.

On all Air China flights, reliable and safe raw materials from established brands are used, of which only the best are loaded on the aircraft at the airport.

Moslem Meal C MOML

MOML meals do not contain pork, bacon, ham, intestines, animal gelatin or alcohol. No scaleless fish, eels or turtles are used. All poultry and meats used are slaughtered and cooked according to Halal rules.

Hindu Meal C HNML

HNML meals do not contain beef or pork; however, lamb, poultry, other meat, fish and dairy are used. These meals are prepared for Indian passengers who eat meat or fish.

No-Beef Meal

No-beef meals do not contain beef, veal or beef/veal related products of any kind. These meals are usually prepared on south-east Asian flights, and are suitable for the Chinese community or Buddhists.


Note: All special meal requests require a minimum 24 hour notice prior to flight departure. (Except: Kosher meals require 48 hour notice prior to departure.)