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Baggage information
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Restrictions on Liquid Items

Restrictions on Liquid Items in Hand Luggage for Domestic Flights

To safeguard the safety of airline passengers, the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China has updated restrictions relating to liquid items that may be carried in hand luggage for domestic flights.

  1. Liquid items are prohibited from hand luggage but can be packed in checked luggage. Packaging of liquids must comply with the relevant provisions of civil aviation transport.
  2. Small amounts of liquids are allowed in hand luggage as long as there in only one container for each product, each container is a maximum size of 100ml, and all items are placed in a single bag for inspection.
  3. Duty-free liquid items brought from passengers of overseas flights connecting to domestic flights must be placed in a sealed transparent plastic bag with the supporting proof of receipt. These items would need to be approved by the security inspector.
  4. Special provisions are made for liquid baby formula or medications. If traveling with an infant, please bring powder formula or request a baby meal 24 hours prior to departure. The air crew will hold any liquid medications that passengers may need for the flight. These items would need to be approved by the security inspector.
  5. For passengers taking international or regional flights, restrictions on liquid items in hand luggage is still subject to the relevant provisions in the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China's Announcement on Liquid Restrictions in Hand Luggage for Civil Flights issued on March 17th 2007.
  6. Passengers who do not follow the above restrictions do so at their own risk.